Regenerative medicine is a hot topic. It’s been shaking up the healthcare industry for several years now. Surprisingly however many people still are not aware of the amazing benefits it offers and the primary use of regenerative medicine.

Millions of people around the world are suffering everyday for chronic pain. Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and other genetic disorders that create pain throughout the body. The use of regenerative medicine has started solving several problems regarding pain and disease.

In this article our focus is on helping you understand why you should consider using regenerative medicine, what its main uses are, and who you can trust when you decide to start down the road of living pain free. So if you have been looking for an alternative to having surgery or taking countless pain medications to relieve your persistent pain this article is for you.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

The term Regenerative Medicine means the process of regenerating or adding new raw human cells (stem cells) to the body that aids organs or tissues in the body back to restoration from a diseased or damaged state; and back to normal functionality.

This field of medicine is very forward thinking, in the sense the scientists involved are constantly learning new ways to use regenerative medicine to solve problems. This in contrast forces more questions to be asked, opening new doors to helping patients.

Being able to repair damaged tissue and promoting the body’s own ability to repair itself back to a vibrant and completely healed neck, shoulder, or knee is causing people to pay attention. Not only that, but scientists may soon be able to begin to grow tissues and other organs in safe laboratory environments. They can then transplant these new organs into the body if the body is not able to heal itself with traditional therapy.

The possibilities are endless. For instance, research shows that one out of every three people can benefit from the use of regenerative medicine. Which makes sense, since the CDC reports 20% of U.S adults suffer from some sort of chronic pain.

But how is this being done? What makes this sci-fi future possible. The answer is simple… Stem Cells.

Stem Cell Therapy: How it works

Stem cell therapy is the foundation of regenerative medicine. Stem cells are the basis of cells inside the body. Stem cells are the only cells that can be replicated an unlimited amount of times with no breakdown. These cells are different then all the other cells in the body, why? Because every other cell stems from the ‘stem cell’.

All other cells have a job, one specific reason for being in your body. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, white blood cells fight disease, and so on. Stem cells create daughter cells, and can become one of two types of cells, the first is a differentiation cell. Meaning it’s specialized like the RBC or the WBC and all the other different types of cells in your body. The second kind of cell is the self-renewal cell. And this is very special.

The stem cell can be guided and manipulated into becoming a specific type of cell. This cell can be used to regenerate damaged tissues on the body. It doesn’t matter how the tissue was damaged. Scientists have found out how to use stem cells to regenerate and heal diseased organs and tissues on demand with pinpoint accuracy.

If you’re wondering if this can help you we are getting to that right now, keep reading.

Who Can Benefit From Regenerative Medicine?

Getting to live pain free because of new science and medical breakthroughs is a gift of this era of technology. Something several  people suffering from pain never thought they would experience.

The amount of diseases and physical disabilities the use of regenerative medicine can help is virtually endless. Any one suffering from chronic pain because of an accident, old age, inherited disorders, or breakdown of tissue because of sports can be improved with regenerative medicine.

You are literally replacing diseased and defective cells with healthy cells that have been generated for a targeted purpose. It’s truly remarkable.

The elderly, infants, children with pain from a deformity, athletes and more can use this approach to improve health and wellness without surgery or injections. Coupled with chiropractic care and physical therapy you can live pain free.

Let’s talk about some specific disorders regenerative medicine can improve.

What Can Regenerative Medicine Treat?

As we mentioned earlier if you are suffering from chronic pain you can live pain free. You can visit a regenerative medicine facility like Freedom Health Centers who specializes in curing their patients of chronic pain.

If your suffering from:

  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis or Shoulder pain

You will find relief within your first visit to Freedom Health Centers and with premier chiropractic care services you can also improve your body’s alignment for immediate improvement in your nervous system performance.

Other Serious Medical Conditions

Regenerative medicine can also treat some other serious medical disorders. For instance:

  • Spinal Cord injuries
  • Parkinson’s Diseases
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • Type 1 Diabetes

As you can see the use of regenerative medicine is improving upon the discovery of alternatives for diseases researchers struggled with previously.

In Conclusion

The main use of regenerative medicine is to remove defective and damaged cells and promote the generation of new healthy cells. This therapy can restore tissues and organs to normal functionality.  And alleviate chronic pain when used for ailments like back pain, shoulder and other physical disabilities you may possess.

In this article we discussed regenerative medicine, how it’s used, what it treats and who it benefits. We also do a look at how stem cell therapy works and how Free Health Centers can offer expert treatment for you.

We welcome you to call us at (972) 542-3300 with any questions you may have. We offer a full suite of services to help with your daily pain, and will offer you a better alternative than drugs and surgery.

Allow how knowledgeable chiropractors, physical therapists and regenerative medicine professionals cater to your needs. Reach out today at (972) 542-330 and set an appointment and let us use regenerative medicine to eliminate your nagging pain for good.

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