Why do you want to lose weight?

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight. Some weightloss goals are for medical reasons. It’s a fact that over-weight people have more medical problems. Diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, along with many other medical problems tied to obesity.

Some people have the goal of losing weight for simply visual reasons. They’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing all the lumps of flesh around their waist, embarrassed over leaning over and feeling that cool air on their backside, or even frustrated that walking up the stairs causes them to lose their breath.

No matter what the reason, becoming a healthier person is the right choice. But when looking that the intimidating number on the scale, it seems like an impossible task.

With ChiroThin™, that ideal weight is possible.

What is the ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program?

ChiroThin™, developed by ChiroNutraceutical, is a natural dietary supplement that was designed to work together with the doctor supervised ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Plan. The revolutionary, nutritional formula promotes fatty acid metabolism and transportation, stabilize blood sugar levels, and enhance over all detoxification and metabolism. When coupled with a diet of healthy, anti-inflammatory foods that have a low glycemic index, the body converts stationary stored fats into usable energy while stabilizing blood sugar. The overall effect is a weight loss in a healthy, doctor supervised manner.

Realistic weight loss goals

It’s easy to be in a hurry to lose weight. After all, putting on the weight was easy, shouldn’t it be just as easy to lose? That’s actually not the case. In fact, rapid weight loss diets are most likely pack the pound back on as soon as the diet ends.

Most rapid weight loss programs are hunger suppressant diets that encourage the body to eat a very low number of calories. Without enough calories, the body will start to break down its own muscles to create enough energy for the body’s organ to function, while saving and storing any fat that enters the body. As a result, the body loses muscles and gains fat—even if the numbers on the scales are going down. As soon as the calorie intake increases at the end of diet, muscles will be built back up. Along with the fat reserve the body had stored during the diet.

ChiroThin™ Weight Loss program doesn’t have this same result. The natural, groundbreaking formula encourages the body to rid its self of fats instead of muscles. While some people starting the diet will feel hunger pains on the first several days, that’s because the participant is going from a large calorie diet to a lower calorie diet as designed by their licensed doctor. Participants will safely lose weight under the watchful eyes of their caring doctor. Without the worry of a rebound.

Tracking Weight Loss Tips

When tracking the weight loss, there are some things that need to be considered. Weight changes daily due to water weight (but make sure you drink all your water daily!), food weight, and muscle gain. When stepping on the scale, there are some tips that will help give a more accurate measure.

  • Step on the scale once a week.
    • Because there are so many factors, weight fluctuates up and down daily. It’s unhealthy to look at it daily, obsessing over the slightest change. Just relax, follow the weight loss plan and let the body lose the weight it’s meant to. Step on the scale on the same day of the week, at the same time.
  • Weigh yourself in the morning.
    • The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning, after you’ve gone to the restroom but before you eat or drink anything. That way, you can get a more accurate of how much your body really weights without the possibility of water or food weight fluctuations getting in the way.
  • Take measurements before your start and during the diet.
    • Before you start anything, measure your bust, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, upper arm and forearm. Sometimes it might not seem like you’re losing weight on the scale, but in reality, you are. Muscles weight more than fat. (And that’s a good thing!) So, when muscles start to develop, the scale doesn’t change as much, but the inches are still shrinking around your body. To help notice these wonderful changes, keeping a written record helps.

ChiroThin™ Protective Guidelines

  • The ChiroThin™ Program is supervised by a doctor. This requires weekly doctor visits. Patients will be able to ask questions and express concerns regarding their health, discuss positives and negatives about their diet, and reflect on challenges and benefits they are experiencing. Patients receive an eight-point body measurement, weigh-in, and test their blood pressure.  Once their BMI (Body Mass Index) is determined, doctors will give detailed instructions to follow the next week, adjusting the diet regiment as needed.
  • All participants are prescreened for any complicating issues, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindication. Results will be discussed with the participants, and any concerns with starting the diet will expressed. If the concerns are too great, a person may be restricted from participating in the ChiroThin
  • The ChiroThin™ Program uses a Low Glycemic Index and Anti-Inflammatory (LGAI) diet. Failure to exclusively use diet might result in failure to lose weight.
  • The ChiroThin™ Program is not a ‘protein-only’ diet. Healthy complex carbohydrates in moderation are just as important to the body as proteins. They help prevent electrolyte loss, the complications of ketosis, diuresis, refeeding edema, and improve muscular durability.
  • Participants can expect to consume twenty-four to thirty ounces of nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory and low glycemic foods a day. These foods are specially recommended and paired with the ChiroThin™ droplets to enable the best weight loss results.
  • ChiroThin™ was specially developed to assist in suppressing craving and hunger pains, alleviate blood sugar levels, metabolize fatty acids. The overall effect will help detox the body, leaving the partaker’s body feeling uplifted and full of energy.

More About the ChiroThin Program

  • The ChiroThin™ Program is a six-week program, in accordance to the standards of The Dietary Guidelines for Americans for VLCDs (very low calories diets). The guidelines require: doctor supervision, dietary modifications, limited time on the VLCD, and nutritional enhancement assistance.
  • At the end of the program, the patient will start a ‘refeeding’ stage to help the patient’s body ease back into a ‘normal’ diet of LGAI foods, without illness or gaining back the weight they just lost.
  • Each patient is provided guidelines, tools and strategies by their personal Freedom Health Center Doctor, based on their BMI and overall health. These help the participant achieve a long-term weight loss success.

Our team of doctors are waiting to work together with you and help you find success on your weight loss goals. Together with the ChiroThin™ Program, the new life of better health is within your grasp.

Don’t miss out on the quality of life you deserve. Call the staff of Freedom Health Center now at 972-542-3300 to learn how you can reach your weight loss goals.

Individual results may vary.
“These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food & Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.”

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