Due to numerous injuries suffered during sports and other activities during my life I have accumulated a six knee surgeries, five abdominal surgeries, a broken back plus other skeletal and soft tissue issues. The most recent issue occurred in the Fall of 2014 when my bowels perforated and multiple intestinal resections were required. Unfortunately the wound became infected and had to be reopened and allowed to heal from the inside out which took five months. During that time the lack of activity and associated pain caused me to adopt an increasingly bad walking posture and a sleeping position which caused significant upper back and neck pain to the point where at Christmas of 2015 I had become unable to participate in most of my normal activities and was suffering constant, debilitating, pain.

At the recommendation of a church friend I visited Doctor Wright and the staff at the Freedom Health Center the first week in 2016 and began receiving treatment for initially the back issues and then shortly after my neck pain. By taking comprehensive X-rays on my first visit the extent and type of issues I was experiencing became very clear and the subsequent treatments were extremely focused and effective. With an aggressive regimen of office visits, 3 per week, home exercises which were constantly updated as my condition changed, treatment aides like a therapeutic pillow, abdominal brace, etc. and guidance and recommendations regarding posture, diet, and better work habits at my desk all day, Dr. Wright and the team have allowed me to now be pain free in only five short weeks!

Office visits have now been reduced to twice weekly with more attention on home exercises and we are now focusing on the other, less invasive but nonetheless significant, issues which I have dealt with for much of my life. Knees, shoulder, wrists and elbow. Given the success, in what I consider to be a remarkably short period of time, that we have achieved with my back and neck I have every confidence that Doctor Wright can also help me to make significant improvements in these other chronic conditions.

It would be a considerable understatement to say that I lacked confidence that Doctor Wright would be able to make any real and noticeable improvement in my condition when I visited the first week of the year but now five weeks later I sit comfortably at my desk writing about an amazing program and an equally amazing team of health and healthy lifestyle providers that have literally changed my life.

Joe L.
McKinney, TX