Back decompression, also known as spinal decompression, is a relatively common treatment for many types of back pain. It mainly focuses on stretching all parts of the back to help remove pressure on the discs and the nerve endings that are part of your spine. One of the most common types of back decompression treatments is the use of a traction table or chair. This helps the body stretch in the most comfortable way possible. Many people experience significant relief following back decompression. It has far fewer complications than surgery, making it an ideal option for many people.

What Types of Problems Could Benefit from Back Decompression?

Having back decompression therapy done is giving the inside components of your back a way to stretch out. Many people struggle with back pain due to issues with the discs and the nerves of the spine. When this area gets compressed, it can hurt. This can send pain down the back or up the neck, down into the legs, and even up into the shoulders. Back pain can bring life to a screeching halt if you do not get it treated. It is one of the few types of pain that can make it to where you have no quality of life.

Some of the most common ailments that back decompression can help with include sciatica, disc degeneration, and a herniated disc. The goal of back decompression is to help promote increased healing in the back, while also decreasing the pain. It often helps people go from struggling to function to leading relatively normal lives.

What Exactly Is Back Decompression Therapy?

Back decompression therapy is literally stretching the body. This can be done in a harness, on a table, or in a chair. The top part of the body is held in place while the bottom is pulled gently, or the other way around. There are different ways of getting the stretching results, including using an inversion table. This gives you a similar effect by holding your feet in place and inverting your body. As you hang upside down, your back stretches out and the areas between your discs opens up. This can help you get as much as 20% more space in the tiniest parts of your spinal column.

A harness gives the same results, except it holds you up and the lower part of your body is stretched. Each type helps with a specific ailment. Not all of them will work for all types of back pain. However, if you do have the right type of pain, back decompression could be the ideal solution for you.

Who Should Consider Back Decompression?

Since back decompression can help with so many different back problems, it should be something that most people consider as an option. Decompression is especially helpful when you struggle with disc problems. It helps to increase the space between each disc, bringing about almost instant relief. The relief is only short-lived at first. However, the more you get back decompression done, the more your back can heal. As the healing in your back takes place, you can then get a more permanent sense of relief.

If you struggle with sciatic pain that travels all through your back, plus sends those miserable lightning bolts of pain down your legs, this may be a great option. Since it gives your back more room, it can help decrease the pressure on your sciatic nerve. This can help you get back to being able to stand, sit, lie down, and even walk more comfortable. If you struggle with pain from a slipped, herniated, or degenerating disc, this treatment can also help. Since it gives your discs a bit more space, they finally have the option of starting to heal.

Who Should Not Consider Back Decompression?

Unfortunately, there are times where back decompression would not be helpful. Certain circumstances would actually risk increasing your pain if you tried spinal decompression. Here are a few instances where back decompression is not a good idea.

First of all, anyone that is pregnant needs to avoid decompression. It could stretch out ligaments in the body that could hurt the mother or the developing baby. If you struggle with back pain, work with your OB to get some relief. Second, if you have any broken vertebrae in your back, again, you want to avoid decompression therapy. It could easily make things worse.

Next, if you have ever had spinal fusion, you need to stay away from back decompression. Stretching the fused area could damage it, especially if it had not fully healed yet. Even if it was fully healed, it could still cause a lot of damage, leaving you in a lot of pain. Anyone that has replacement discs in their spine should also avoid back decompression. Other ailments that should steer clear of decompression include spinal tumors, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, a spinal infection, and anyone taking a regular blood thinner.

Only Get Back Decompression from a Certified Back Care Specialist

It is very important that you only get decompression therapy from someone with the proper education and experience. It is not a safe treatment to try and do on your own. Spinal decompression puts a lot of pressure on certain parts of your body during the treatment. These areas need special consideration before you only consider the benefits you may get. Talk to the people here at Freedom Health Centers to find out if this type of therapy could help you. We can look at what is causing your pain currently, and what other types of treatment options you have. If it turns out that decompression may help you, then we can set you up with an experienced professional to get the process started.

If you want to find out more about how to relieve pain in your back, reach out to us here at Freedom Health Centers. You can call us by dialing (972)542-3300 right now, and we can schedule a time for you to come in and see if back decompression therapy would be the best solution for you!

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