The goal of anyone going through upper back and neck pain should be to avoid surgery. It is not a guarantee that it will help you feel better. In some cases, it can even leave you feeling worse off than when you started. Upper back and neck pain can also sideline you from living your life. So, what should you do when you are in too much pain to move, and you want to avoid surgery? There are a few treatment options. However, they all depend on what it is that happened to cause your pain.

Understanding Upper Back and Neck Pain

Struggling with upper back and neck pain can make it to where even the simplest of tasks become difficult. Getting out of bed to simply make yourself a meal can seem like an arduous task. Moving your head, arms, and even turning your trunk can all be miserable. The best thing to do is to help treat the pain so you can heal and begin to feel better. However, there is no one sure-fire way to treat your pain.

All upper back and neck pain starts somewhere. It may come from an injury, moving wrong, trauma, or even an ailment your body struggles with. Learning what the cause of your upper back and neck pain is, can help determine the right type of treatment for you. If you try and treat the pain without knowing the cause, your pain could end up higher than it was at the beginning.

Why You Want to Avoid Surgery and Opiates to Treat Upper Back and Neck Pain

There are a lot of side effects of using surgery to manage or treat upper back and neck pain. Not only do you have the pain going into it, but you also have the pain coming back out. Even if your surgery goes perfectly, you have a lengthy recovery period you must contend with. Plus, you may also have physical therapy following your surgery to help the muscles repair themselves properly.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has back or neck surgery comes out of it feeling better. There have been times where people have gone in to have surgery and come out in just as much pain, if not more. Then, not only are they still in pain, but they are also out of options to find relief. This can leave people feeling worse than before the surgery in terms of accepting where they are emotionally as well.

Prescription pain medications, or opiates, are something most people want to avoid as well. They can lead to side effects that leave them feeling off both short-term and long-term. It can cause mental cloudiness, time lost at work, the inability to drive, and still missing out on life, just like if you were still in bed. Plus, if they are not carefully monitored, they can also lead to dependence because of a built-up tolerance. This can cause a person to try and self-medicate to get relief from their pain, increasing the chances of them struggling with addiction.

Treatment Options to Help with Upper Back and Neck Pain

Going in and getting chiropractic help can do a lot to help manage upper back and neck pain. A lot of times, pain in this part of the body can come from something being misaligned. It could be a vertebrae out of place, or even a nerve in the neck getting pinched. By putting those parts back into place, the pain can subside and your body can heal. However, you typically need to go in for regular realignment to keep the pain from creeping its way back in.

You can also go in and see a masseuse. They help to get the blood flowing on the sorest parts of your body. The more often you get a massage, the more blood flows to the area. Massages increase both the oxygen levels and the body’s natural ability to heal. With regular massages, your body can begin to heal on its own, and your pain can be more easily managed.

There is also the option of stimulating the muscles near where your pain begins to help increase the potential of healing. Some pain is easy to manage once the sore part of the body heals. This is common after a minor injury or trauma to the area. However, some pain lingers on for days, weeks, months, or even years. When you face those types of lingering pain, muscle stimulation is sometimes effective. It promotes increased blood flow, much like a massage. Plus, it also helps to strengthen the muscles that get stimulated. This can help you feel stronger and take away the pain as those muscles regrow and repair.

Turning to the Right People to Help Manage Your Upper Back and Neck Pain

When your upper back and neck pain gets to be too much, you need help to manage it. Finding the right people is sometimes a challenge. Thankfully, you came across our website. Here at Freedom Health Centers, we know how to approach upper back and neck pain carefully. We know that not one treatment is going to provide the same type of relief for everyone. That is why we used a blended approach to pain treatment. We work with you to see how each individual treatment helps. Then we see how we can put those successful treatments together into a plan to help your specific type and cause of pain. One treatment may work wonders for some, but most people who come to see us respond to multiple options even better. Let us see which types of treatment combine to provide you with the most relief.

When upper neck and back pain have you sidelined, turn to the right people to help. Here at Freedom Health Centers, we understand the nuances that go with this type of pain. Call us at (972)542-3300 today and let us help you figure out which upper back and neck pain treatment will help you best.

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