If you suffer from sciatica you can usually sense the signals ramping up in your body that indicate that you may be headed for a severe episode. Sometimes despite all the best health efforts you make, the onset of sciatica symptoms will seemingly come out of nowhere. Sometimes the symptoms are always ever-present and just vary in degree of severity. Whichever category you’re in, there are some things you can do, and shouldn’t do when it comes to pain management.

At Freedom Health Centers we specialize on providing cutting edge chiropractic treatment and staying informed on the most recent and accurate techniques for joint mobilization, spinal manipulation, adjustments and pain management. Your care doesn’t start and stop when you come through the door for your appointment, it continues in the out-of-office steps outlined in your plan and through access to our top tips for best health. Here are some important things to know about Sciatica.

In the know: Things You Can Do to Ease Sciatica Pain


Let’s start by talking about sleeping and sciatica. Interrupted sleep or the inability to get comfortable enough to sleep is one of the most common complaints by individuals who live their life with this type of lumbar discomfort.

  • Elevation has been shown to help with the pain, burning, and numbness. This doesn’t mean sleeping with your legs up above your heart, but sometimes a pillow under the knees. This lift will decrease the pressure the lumbar discs place on the nerves.
  • Another thing that can be done is a warm bath before bed or another type of heat therapy (back therapy low-level heat wrap or flat-water bag) as part of your sleep readiness routine. The heat will increase the blood flow to the areas of inflammation resulting in relief. Utilizing heat in this way also releases endorphins which naturally act as a pain reducer. Keep in mind the water should not be too hot, as it can cause burns or raise your body temperature too high to remain comfortable.


Stretching is an important part of the fight against managing this chronic pain. We understand it’s hard to motivate yourself to sometimes take on what most people consider easy tasks; however, controlling the pain and being as active as possible is key to prevailing over the debilitating effects.

  • Hip focused stretching can alleviate pain when the stretch causes the hip to rotate in an external position. Many of these stretches are performed in away that offers low impact movement to the body. The Specialists at Freedom Health Centers will provide specific instruction on the best stretches for you. It’s incredibly important to exercise under a medical professional’s care to avoid undue damage or strain to your body.

In the know: The Don’ts

  • Consider your surfaces. Is your mattress super soft? How about your couch? While it’s been a well driven marketing concept to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, when you have any kind of lower lumber body issue a firm surface is an important part of spinal alignment. Pain keeps us from wanting to move but if the areas you are spending most of your relaxation time positions you improperly it will compound your pain.
  • Avoid poor nutrition habits. Fats and carbohydrates have been known to contribute to increased symptom reports on the pain scale, both frequency and intensity. Of course eating poorly causes many other negative health consequences (even though this goes without saying) when you are really suffering from severe burning, tingling, and numbness eating nutrient dense fruits, veggies, and keeping processed foods with high sugars and fats at bay will have positive results for your recovery.

Find Sciatica Relief through Physical Therapy

When Sciatica is restricting you from engaging in your life in a rewarding way it is time to call and schedule a time to meet with the Chiropractic team with Freedom Health Centers. The benefits of chiropractic care include manipulation techniques that will free restricted movement of the spine and restore vertebrae that are misaligned, adjustment can help with the reduction of nerve irritability, and the therapy offered can address management of muscle spasms.

Overall Sciatic nerve compression could result in loss of feeling, in worst case scenarios paralysis of muscle groups or a single limb, and severe quality of life disruption. Recovery is possible with the right care and support. Call today for your initial appointment. Find a caring team to treat your lower lumbar needs. We want to help every patient return to an active lifestyle, spend more time with family, resume work with less interruption, and become pain free.

Numbness, Tingling, Burning? Severe lower back pain? Call now for Sciatica Relief: (972) 542-3300

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