When you combine a chiropractor and pregnancy, do you need to worry about any type of problem with the pregnancy or the developing baby? Thankfully, as long as you see a chiropractor that has experience and education on how to work with a pregnant woman’s body, you should have no problems at all. In fact, the American Pregnancy Association says that there are no contraindications to combining a chiropractor and pregnancy. This means that if your body is telling you that it needs help to feel better, a chiropractor is a great professional to turn to. If you have been trying to bypass your back pain while pregnant, it may be best to give a local chiropractor a call.

Why Combine a Chiropractor and Pregnancy?

Chiropractics is the maintenance of the spine, spinal column and discs, and the surrounding nerves. These are all directly affected when a woman gets pregnant. The extra weight of the growing baby puts a strain on the back, and leaves most women in a lot of pain, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. Plus, the hormones secreted during pregnancy relax the entire body. This means that the woman’s once strong back, has now been loosened up to where it is not as strong.

Living with this pain is unnecessary. That is why many women combine seeing a chiropractor and pregnancy. It gives them the benefit of keeping their backs strong, plus it helps them feel better. Pregnant women commonly suffer from issues like sciatica and sway back as the baby gets closer to its due date. By turning to a chiropractor, many of these issues can be relieved to some degree. That is not to say that combining seeing a chiropractor and pregnancy is going to make your pregnancy pain free. However, it is saying that it can reduce the pain you go through.

Seeing a Chiropractor and Pregnancy Is a Safe Combination

There are many chiropractors that seek to combine you seeing a chiropractor and pregnancy. They seek out additional training to make sure they know how to care for the body. The goal is to relieve pain for the mother, while also keeping the environment safe for the baby. There are horror stories about women getting a massage while pregnant, and it putting her into premature labor. While this can happen, if you go to a chiropractor that has specialized training for prenatal care, you have nothing to worry about.

If you see any of these designations, then you are working with a chiropractor schooled in how to provide advanced levels of care, which often includes prenatal care.

  • Webster Certified means that the chiropractor went to school to learn specific techniques to help with pelvic balance during pregnancy.
  • ICPA Member means that the chiropractor has shown special interest in advanced technique and training.
  • CACCP means that the chiropractor is certified with the ICPA, which means they have gone through advanced levels of training.
  • DACCP means that the chiropractor has completed the highest levels of advanced training through the ICPA. This designates them as a Diplomate of these techniques.

How You Can Feel Better When You Combine Seeing a Chiropractor and Pregnancy

When you combine seeing a chiropractor and pregnancy, you can be sure of a few different things. First, you are likely to have the table used as a tool during your treatment. This is meant to stabilize your body, and should help you get better aligned. Second, your massage therapist is going to do everything they can to avoid extra pressure on your growing belly. Third, there are a few pressure spots that will also be avoided. These points can cause discomfort or cramping, all of which should be avoided during pregnancy.

By Combining Seeing a Chiropractor and Pregnancy, You Reduce Your Delivery Risks

The risks of having a problematic delivery significantly go down when you combine seeing a chiropractor and pregnancy. They know how to align your body so that your baby can present head-down at the end of your pregnancy, as they should. The baby is also able to get lined up properly for an easier delivery if you have good public balance. This is only something you are going to find by seeing a chiropractor. Make sure you get approval from your OB prior to scheduling an appointment with your chiropractor. If you fall into the high-risk category, they may have reservations about you going.

For help with finding the ideal chiropractor to see, you can always turn to the experts at Freedom Health Center. They can help you connect with a chiropractor with the specific training you need to help you begin to feel better. Contact them today so you can start experiencing the benefits of combining seeing a chiropractor and pregnancy.

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