Have you suffered an unexpected injury?  Are you coming to terms with increasing limitations from a chronic illness diagnosis?  Recovering from a stroke or knee injury? How about general aging where you wake up and your body feels like it was in an auto accident while you caught your Z’s? Maybe it’s time to consider what physical rehabilitation can do to improve your quality of life.

Whether you have been referred by your doctor or looking into your symptoms online, there is no doubt that to achieve a full recovery from an unexpected limitation or injury physical therapy and physical rehabilitation is a necessary method of treatment. Routine care, sports medicine, post-operative care, among other specialties; our practitioners offer a variety of cutting-edge methods when designing the right therapy plan for the patient. The process is patient inclusive, and our practices are well reviewed reflecting the exceptional quality of our services.

What Does Physical Rehabilitation Mean?

Physical rehabilitation is important for more reasons than we can describe. It’s an essential element of a successful recovery care journey, but let’s talk about a couple of standalone benefits.

When an individual experiences a life changing injury or has been managing a chronic illness for a lengthy period of time their mobility and core strength are often compromised. Sometimes your balance can be affected as well as overall stamina. As you resume physical activity and regain strength, with the best team in the industry with the staff at Freedom Health Centers monitoring your recovery plan and progress, you’re more likely to accomplish the goals and outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

Our team will assist you in tracking your progress. We take a comprehensive approach, collaborating on your goals and keeping space for adjustments as your recovery dictates. A discussion about mobility is one of the greatest motivators for choosing physical therapy. The importance of not missing out on important memories, vacations, and activities with the people we cherish. Physical rehabilitation focuses on increased mobility, pain-reduction therapies and overall improved functioning. Imagine returning to the activities you miss, the physical range to participate in the life you desire for yourself.

It’s time for Physical Rehabilitation, Important Tips to Know

Pain responses will vary from week to week during your recovery period. Occasionally you may have a significant flare up. Flare-ups vary from low on the pain scale to increased pain seemingly out of the blue. Sometimes it may feel as though you’re having a regression in wellness. This is a normal part of the healing process. Physical therapy programs help a patient manage pain. They use the most effective methods for mobilizing joints along with soft tissue manipulation to encourage muscle functioning to improve at a faster rate than those patients who do not select physical rehabilitation as a tool that they utilize in their overall recovery plan.

One of the greatest benefits a patient of physical therapy sees is a decreased need for prescription pain medicine. Dependency on pain medicine is a huge concern; concern for the patient, the family, the doctors that make up the wellness team, and a concern of the community. Depending upon the plan your Physical Therapist uses, physical rehabilitation can serve as an alternative to the use of prescription pain medication or will be integrated into the overall wellness plan with a tapering objective. This delivery of service to you, as a patient, keeps you in control of the pace of your recovery. We recognize your need to listen to your body as you receive care. Treatment allows the injury/illness to only dictate its presence vs dictating the debilitating symptoms.

Healing from unexpected injury or recent surgery through physical therapy

Physical therapy will connect you with a support network and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. These healthy habit practices will also decrease the chances for future injury and increase assessment of overall physical health. As we age, our bodies have increasingly adverse and often painful responses to what used to be normal physical activities. Physical rehabilitation can set the stage for optimal joint and muscle wellness. Just as we take notice and care of our nutritional health with meal planning, mindful eating practices, and often include the guidance of industry professionals that have a reputation for getting results, it is equally important to utilize those same standards and practices when taking care of our physical health.

Planning, accountability and results are incredibly important in regaining your health through physical rehabilitation. Taking your time to find the right practice to meet your needs is important. Whole body solutions with the right treatments for the right patient. The thorough training and experience of every team member at Freedom Health Centers makes them experts in the movement and function of the human body. Being qualified is, of course, a key component to who you will choose for your physical rehabilitation provider, but human healing and connection are what sets us apart when it comes to choosing your provider. Every patient we care for is unique, their illness or injury is unique to their experience before diagnosis or incident, and we want their recovery process post injury/illness to be acknowledged, coordinated, and achieved.

Contact Freedom Health Centers today at 972-542-3300 to learn more about how our physical therapy program can help you get your life back.


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