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When you suffer from chronic pain, it’s not just the source of pain that’s impacted. Chronic pain can affect your mood, emotions, and even your ability to think. When pain takes over, you can’t concentrate on anything else.

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“I’ve only been going to Freedom for two weeks now and it has changed my life for the best! So much so I just referred my wife (:”


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How can chiropractic care ease my pain?

Chiropractors look at how they can manipulate the body’s alignment to relieve pain. This not only makes patients feel better at the source of their pain but can also improve the way the body functions and heals itself. Pain treatments include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Whole-body vibration
  • Cold laser treatment
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Intersegmental traction
  • Massage therapy

Your chiropractor will work with you to develop the best treatment for your condition. At Freedom Health Centers we help patients with all types of pain relief including those from a specific injury or long-term illness.

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This is why it’s crucial to get pain relief so you don’t have to suffer anymore!

Chronic pain can rob you of valuable time spent with family and friends. It can even make it impossible to work. But, with the right chiropractic care, you can erase that pain and live the life you deserve.

Doesn’t that sound better than being in pain every day?

(*To learn more about pain relief and how chiropractic services can help, download our free report here*)

Whatever the cause of your pain, our team of experts will assess your condition and help you live a pain-free life.

Call Freedom Health Centers today to schedule your appointment to help begin your path to pain relief.

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Neck Pain

You Shouldn't Have to Live With Neck Pain!
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Back Pain

Back Pain Can Be Stopped
Knee Pain and Inflammation Mckinney Texas

Knee Pain

Chronic Knee Problems?

We also treat the following conditions...

Our Mission

The mission of Freedom Health Centers in McKinney is to give freedom to people from all over the world, empowering them to get healthy and to stay healthy over a lifetime. We do this through unique lifestyle programs and techniques, state-of-the-art technologies, and scientifically proven methods of health care including chiropractic, exercise, rehabilitation, nutrition, detoxification, counseling, and massage therapy.

Our Ideal Patient

The ideal patient is one who has an idea that health comes from the inside. That if we can get our bodies to function better, then our symptoms will get better and we will be healthier. The ideal patient also understands that medications are temporary relievers and do not make you healthy.
1. Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept many major medical plans. Please call the office to inquire.
2. Are your hours flexible?
We understand that many of our clients work hours that require us to be flexible. We are open until 6:00 pm most nights.
3. Do you treat children?
Yes, we can treat children and adults of any age. Please call us to find out about our treatment plans for children.

Patient Feedback

Please read what our customers have to say about their experiences at Freedom Health Centers.

Brad Barton
I go here when I get hurt and these guys are the best of the ...
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Brad Barton
I go here when I get hurt and these guys are the best of the best. This place is a one stop shop to help you get better. I live about 20 min away and happy to make the drive. Dr Wright and Dr. Kellye are both really good at what they do. I also love the positive and family focused environment they create there. Even the folks at the front desk remember your name!
Brad Barton
Brad Barton
Lizbeth Sanchez
I came in with really bad neck and back pain due to an accident that ...
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Lizbeth Sanchez
I came in with really bad neck and back pain due to an accident that I was in. It’s my 3rd week getting treatment with freedom health centers and I already feel a dramatic change. They’re so nice and helpful and in always taken well care of, I’m so glad I found them!
Lizbeth Sanchez
Lizbeth Sanchez
Gabrielle Zepeda
Anytime I'm in town I make it a point to stop in to have myself ...
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Gabrielle Zepeda
Anytime I'm in town I make it a point to stop in to have myself and kids adjusted. Dr. Kellye is great, especially with my kids and the office also offers so much in one spot! Highly recommend!
Gabrielle Zepeda
Gabrielle Zepeda
"I’ve been going to Freedom for a month now and it has been great! ...
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"I’ve been going to Freedom for a month now and it has been great! I came in with terrible headaches at least 3 times a week. My headaches have now been reduced to 1 per week and sometimes none. I would definitely recommend Freedom to my friends and family."

Safety and hygiene are our top priority

Because of the COVID-19. Pandemic outbreak, we make sure that we are taking all the necessary safety regulations and measures as suggested by local and national health officials. We are not compromising on anything that might put you at risk.


We clean each piece of equipment after every use


We've implemented text to table to reduce time in clinic


Our staff has been trained on proper hygeiene


Our clinic is sanitized on a regular basis

Hand Hygiene

Hand is properly sanitised before working with any of our customers. We also make sure that the staff washes their hands with disinfectant soap after every one hour.

Use Of PPE

Clean disposable gloves, masks, hair cover, and aprons are worn at all times inside the facility and we even make sure that the staff is protected even when they are outside.

Daily Temperature Checks

We ensure that no one entering the facility is suffering from any symptoms.

Safe Handling

All equipments used for the treatments are properly sterilized after and before use during each session.

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At Freedom Health Centers in McKinney, we treat patients of all ages. Our goal is to get and keep families healthy.

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