Late last year, after about two months of literally not being able to climb out of bed, I finally relented and went to see the doctor. An MRI and several specialists later, I was told that I have little to no disc material between L5 and S1, that this was causing my pain and immobility…and that spinal surgery was the answer. I was immediately petrified and began the process of exploring alternatives. Before her passing, my mom was a patent of Dr. Scott Wright, DC. She was with him for years, and though I saw him once or twice in that time, I was never a continuing patient. That would soon change.

I met with Scott and his team and underwent a complete evaluation. Upon review of my case, I was presented with a treatment plan that could drastically change my prognosis. Scott helped me understand that there were additional factors at play (other than simply disc material) that were causing me discomfort and immobility. I began to understand through education the importance of flexibility, core strength, posture and movement. I also began to understand that the freedom to play golf, rock climb and live with minimal pain has a direct correlation to the health of my spine and surrounding muscle and tissue.

I guess that’s why the sign above his door says Freedom Health Centers.

Now fast-forward 12 weeks

My condition has changed drastically. I still have periodic discomfort, but I am free! I am now in charge of my spine and my mobility. I understand how it works, and what I need to do to keep it working. I’ve been empowered by treatment and education from Dr. Wright and his team. Rather than simply feeding me, Scott has “taught me how to fish,” meaning he has given me the tools to sustain my own health and physical freedom…without a scalpel.

The outlook for me now is overwhelmingly positive. I haven’t taken prescription pain medicine in quite some time. There are days when, amazingly, I have no pain at all. More importantly, I am being educated. Dr. Wright has literally given me my life back, and afforded me the freedom to get back to doing the things that give me joy. His staff has treated me with such tremendous care and encouragement, that I can’t even imagine having considered surgery. From Heaven, mom is surely smiling on Dr. Wright for taking care of her boy!

Needless to say, I would strongly recommend Dr. Wright and his team at Freedom Health Centers to anyone who wants relief from discomfort, and more enjoyment from life. They surely have changed mine.

Very sincerely, Andrew B.
McKinney, TX.