Do you work hard to maintain a good fitness level? Are you careful about portion control and take part in regular aerobic and weight-training exercises? If so, you could be sidelined by a sudden injury or illness that prevents you from participating in your regular exercise routine.

Being forced to stop working out can be a major hit if you have worked hard to lose weight or get in shape. If you exercise a lot, it becomes a part of who you are. If you run with a group, you might miss the camaraderie during your recovery period. You may dread the possibility of regaining lost weight or think it will be incredibly difficult to get back into the swing of it after assuming a sedentary habit as you wait for a full recovery.

Walking a Fine Line

The line that divides taking it too easy and rushing your recovery is a fine one indeed. If you prolong bed rest longer than necessary, you can expect to lose muscle mass and bone strength.

Yet trying to jump back into your routine too fast is also dangerous. You could reinjure yourself, make symptoms flair back up, or cause swelling and additional scarring around an area where you had surgery.

Fortunately, it’s possible to reach your previous endurance level after an injury or illness – as long as you’re careful. Follow this guide to shorten your recovery period and know when to get back into your regular exercise routine.

How to Speed Up Recovery

  • Follow the “neck up” rule: If you have a head cold or the flu, you’re probably okay to work out through the illness. If you have a cough or other respiratory problem, sit out until your symptoms go away.
  • Listen to your body: Does it hurt to lift weights with your injured shoulder? Is your knee telling you to give it a rest? Don’t work out through the pain or you could end up dealing with a worse injury for much longer.
  • Stop exercising completely: You might be tempted to hop in at basketball practice or Zumba class, but you’ll have to wait until you’re completely better. If an illness or need for surgery strikes, take it seriously and rest in bed. If you injured yourself in or outside the gym, be gentle on the injured joint or limb until it heals.
  • Follow the doctor’s orders: If an injury dictates you need to have physical therapy three hours a day, don’t skip the sessions. You’ll only prolong the recovery period. If you get stitches, wait four or five days to get your heart rate up so the tissue has time to heal.
  • Ask for clarification: If the doctor says you need to rest for two weeks, ask what that means. Can you still go on slow walks? Can you do light resistance training? Or do you need to bring all exercising to a grinding halt? The answer depends on the extent of your injury or illness.

How to Ease Back Into an Exercise Routine

When you start to feel better, don’t attempt to jump back into the routine you had before the injury or illness. As explained above, your muscles and bones will have weakened a bit, so you need to gradually ease back in. Think of it as a time to strengthen other areas of your body with different kinds of exercise.

  • If you were a runner, start by taking walks. A light workout on an exercise bike is a non-impact way to build your endurance back up as well.
  • If you’re a weightlifter, work out with lighter dumbbells than usual for a few days or weeks, depending on your injury or illness.
  • Be patient. This is the final bit of advice regarding easing back into your routine. If you were in fairly good shape before the incident, a few days or weeks off won’t be permanently detrimental to your figure.

Here at Freedom Health Centers, we pride ourselves on the excellent care we provide patients who have suffered athletic injuries. We also have a preventative program aimed to help patients avoid trouble before it starts. If you’re an athlete with an injury, or you’re hoping to avoid an injury, contact us online or call us at (972) 542-3300 today to learn how we can help.

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