Chances are you’ve heard about stem cells and how stem cells in regenerative medicine can help you. It’s hard to miss lately, it’s on the news, in magazines and you might be wondering if it can actually help you; or those you love that have serious ailments or diseases.

Are you curious as to what stem cells are? How they are currently being used and what the big deal is about them? Great! Because that is exactly what you will learn today.

In other words you are going to learn how stem cells are being used in regenerative medicine, how they treat injury, what they are, and get the answers to some of the most common questions people have about stem cell treatment.

What are Stem Cells?

When it comes to stem cells, they are the body’s primary materials. They are cells from where all other cells that have specific tasks are created. When these cells are placed in the ideal conditions inside your body, or even in a lab, these stem cells will divide and form other cells. These additional cells are formed are called daughter cells.

What is fascinating about the daughter cell is the two paths the cell can take. The daughter cells can form a new stem cell, also known as ‘self-renewal’ cells.

The second approach a daughter cell can take is to become a specialized cell also known as ‘differentiation’ cells. Differentiation creates  a cell with a more specialized reason for existence, for example a red blood cell, a bone cell or cells that fight disease like white blood cells.

There are no other cells in the body that have the innate ability to generate and form new cell types like this.

Why Is Stem Cell Research Important?

This is such a big deal for the healthcare industry for many reasons. But we will stick to just one. And that is regenerative medicine. By understanding these chameleon type cells researchers are finding new ways to improve overall health for many functions in the body.

Because stem cells are cells that have not picked a career or a task to carry out inside the body let’s say. They can be divided and copied an unlimited number of times with no repercussion.

This allows for the growth of cells in a lab that can be used to replace damaged tissues or even organs in a body. Scientists are now able to begin to correct specific organs that are not functioning properly.

Cells that have specific functions, like how RBC’s (red blood cells) carry oxygen can only be replicated a certain number of times before they start to deteriorate. Hopefully you can see how amazing using stem cells in regenerative medicine is revolutionizing healthcare.

What’s also mind blowing is the ability to test medications with certain types of stem cells, without the need for investigational drug use in people. Leading to our next point.

What Type of Stem Cells Are There?

There are many types of stem cells that have been identified so far. And can be used for different things.

The first type is Embryonic stem cells, these come from the embryo of a human. Up next is the non Embryonic or adult stem cells. This is a misleading name however because the stem cells can come from children and also infants.

These are the stem cells that help with regenerative medicine. They come from already developed tissues and organs in the body. Doctors use these stem cells in the body to replace and also repair damaged tissues and organs inside the body

Furthermore, scientists have also discovered iPSCs (Induced pluripotent stem cells) and also amniotic fluid stem cells and Cord blood stem cells. Both of these stem cell discoveries are pushing the boundaries of what we know about blood disorders and other diseases and how to cure them.

How Are Stem Cells Collected?

Stem cells are collected in a few ways and the collection of these cells are done under ethical guidelines. The first way to collect stem cells is from the blood. Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Collection is a procedure that doesn’t  need surgery of any kind.

Before any extraction consent must be accepted. Medication is then given to the donor which promotes the generation and growth of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.

After the production of stem cells is sufficient, a machine called a cell separator is used to withdraw the stem cells.

Bone Marrow Harvest

The second way to collect stem cells is directly from bone marrow. Using a needle the stem cells are commonly removed from the pelvic bone.

Now that you know how stem cells are harvested, and why they are so important. Let’s talk about how they are used to help you improve your daily health.

How Are Stem Cells Used In Regenerative Medicine?

If you are suffering from joint pain, osteoarthritis, knee pain, or shoulder pain stem cell therapy can dramatically change your life.

By undergoing regenerative medicine treatments you can repair damaged muscles and improve pain because of accidents, old age, defects and diseases. Freedom Health Centers give you options that will give you the control and power to improve and remove your chronic pain. And rebuild the areas that are deteriorating and are damaged.

You can get the relief you have been in desperate need of, and all without any surgery. If you are looking to finally live a life without nagging pain call us at (972) 542-3300.

In Conclusion

The use of stem cells in regenerative medicine is a common and trusted way to naturally regenerative tissue and organ health in your body. Scientists are doing amazing things and saving lives. Not only from disease but also from every day chronic pain.

In this article, you learned why stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine is so important. You also learned what it is and how it works. Cells have a job, but some cells can be copied and placed in special areas of the body where they regenerate damaged tissues.

Talk with us at Freedom Health Centers and we can help fix your aches and pains.  Our physical therapy services and stem cell therapy is second to none. Please call us at (972) 542-3300 we will answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. We welcome you to try stem cell regenerative medicine and feel the difference.

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