Fibromyalgia has a lot to do with the diet you eat. Everyone knows that what you eat can have a tremendous impact on your health. However, this impact goes far beyond things such as developing heart disease, diabetes, or other obvious ailments that come from a sub-par diet. One such ailment is fibromyalgia. People who suffer from fibromyalgia are all too familiar with the aches and pains that it can bring. What’s more, many of them have noted that there seems to be a link between what they eat and the severity of their symptoms.

Here’s more information from the people at Freedom Health Centers. If you need help with your fibromyalgia, you may contact Freedom Health Centers at (972) 542-3300.

What Are the Causes?

At the outset, the first question many people may have is whether a poor diet causes them to develop fibromyalgia. It is important to note that doctors have not yet definitively established a link between any one risk factor and the development of the condition. As such, it is probably not accurate to state that a certain diet causes the condition.

Anecdotal Evidence: Certain Foods Can Increase Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Although there may not be any studies showing that a certain type of diet actually causes fibromyalgia, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing that the amount of suffering the condition brings can be directly linked to the diet of those who suffer from it. Numerous people with the condition have reported that certain types of foods increase their suffering; as such, it stands to reason that avoiding those same foods would result in a decrease in suffering.

Determining Whether Certain Foods Affect Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

As anyone with fibromyalgia can tell you, there is nothing routine about the condition. The symptoms that one person has are not necessarily the same as the symptoms another one has. This is part of what can make the condition so maddening: a lack of uniformity.

The same is true for the foods that tend to increase the suffering of those who have fibromyalgia. Some foods will trigger a certain response in certain people, but not in others. Although there are some common foods—discussed below—that many experts recommend avoiding if you have fibromyalgia, the best way to get an idea of the foods you should avoid may be a simple food diary.

Keep track of the foods you eat, and the severity of your symptoms. Note any correlations, and then further experiment to see if they repeat. Once you establish a definite link between a given food and your symptoms, you’ll know to avoid that food.

Common Foods that Fibromyalgia Sufferers May Wish to Consider Avoiding

Although there is a wide range of diversity between fibromyalgia sufferers and the foods that affect them, here are some foods that many experts suggest you avoid if you have the condition.


Foods sweetened with an artificial sweetener seem to increase the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This occurs to varying degrees in different people, of course, but it does seem to be fairly common that aspartame causes problems.

MSG and Other Similar Additives

Flavor enhancers and preservatives can cause many people with fibromyalgia to experience a marked increase in the severity of their symptoms. Actually, even people without fibromyalgia may experience problems when eating these foods, and as any sufferer can tell you, the condition tends to worsen unpleasant reactions.

Sugar and Other Simple Carbohydrates

This food increases symptom severity in some sufferers, but not as many as the above two foods. Still, if you are overly sensitive, you may experiment with limiting your simple carbohydrates to see what effect it has.


People who suffer from fibromyalgia tend to face exhaustion to begin with. When this combines with the simple boost (and following crash) of a stimulant, it can increase their symptoms. Consider limiting your intake of coffee, tea, and other foods or beverages that contain caffeine.

Dairy Products

Like sugar, the anecdotal evidence is not as strong on the subject of dairy foods. Still, enough sufferers have noticed a link that it is worth investigating for yourself to see if your symptoms are worsened when you consume dairy.

Any Plant from the Nightshade Family

Plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and potatoes are in the nightshade family. Many people with fibromyalgia notice a definite worsening of their condition after eating these plants. Play with limiting or eliminating them from your diet and see what the outcome is.

Ultimately, You Can Get Relief from Fibromyalgia Pain

Living with symptoms is challenging, to say the least. Although you may have developed a mechanism for getting through each day, there is always room to improve. Anything you can to do decrease the severity of your symptoms is worth considering.

For more information on fibromyalgia, contact Freedom Health Centers at (972) 542-3300.

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