tIt’s no secret that many Americans struggle with weight. In fact, millions have attempted some type of weight-loss diet at one point or another. Often, diet results are short lived. This leaves many people who are trying to lose weight feel like they fail at dieting. But, the truth is, diet failure may not be their fault. In fact, most diets fail. There are a number of reasons for diet failure and we’ll touch on those and talk about an alternative method for weight loss. We’ll also address how you keep weight off after losing it.

First, we’ll talk about a new way people are standing up against fat in the battle for weight-loss. ChiroThin™ is a revolutionary natural dietary supplement developed by ChiroNutraceutical. This group of professionals has a mission to improve their patients’ health. ChiroThin™ is a formula that aids in fatty acid metabolism and transportation. When coupled with a diet of healthy, anti-inflammatory foods that have a low glycemic index, the body converts stationary stored fats into usable energy while stabilizing blood sugar. The over all effect is a weight loss in a healthy, doctor supervised manner.

What Causes Diets to Fail?

There are a number of reasons why diets fail. We’ll touch on the major reasons and talk about how ChiroThin™ is different.

Calorie Counting and Diet Failure

When looking at the calorie count on the back of a food box, it’s easy to compare it with another food item and think that since they have the same number of calories, that they would affect the body the same. But that’s not true. Not all calories are equal. Some make you fat, while others help the body rid itself of fat—even if they have the same number of calories per serving! Your body will never rid itself of those fatty calories no matter how much exercise you perform.

The ChiroThin™ as a natural dietary substance that works with your own metabolism to help process fatty acids so the body is able to easily remove them. Coupled with the meal plan specially designed for you, that is made daily with your own hand—not a premade, frozen tasteless block!—obtaining your ideal weight is possible. Not only will you be eating real food that you buy in the grocery store, you will also learn what how to properly proportion your meals. This lifelong skill helps prevent you from regaining the wieght you’ve lost after the program ends.

The Wrong Types of Exercise

Even with the right diet, if coupled with the wrong type of exercise for your body, the diet will fail. Injuries also happen all too often when moves are performed incorrectly. Not only can an injury delay the effectiveness of a diet, the pain and discomfort couple last for weeks.

Which is why the doctors at Freedom Health Centers carefully evaluate each ChiroThin™ participants to come up with an individual exercise program for each person. Our primary goal is to ensure the success of your weight loss program.

Weightloss and Genetics

Just like every fingerprint is different, so is every body. The difference isn’t restricted to height, hair color and facial features. Even the way our bodies break down food and handles its excess energy stores differs greatly from person to person. Some experience extra padding in the buttocks, others in the stomach or thighs, while others face an all-around effect. Which is why a one-size fits all weight loss routine can be successful on one person but not another. Clues of how our bodies work are easy to see based on blood related people around us.

But we are not restricted to that mold. The body is not meant to stay in a fatty, ever motionless state. It just means that special accommodations are taken in regarding such areas, something that the doctors in Freedom Health Center will ensure when you start the ChiroThin™ program.

With the assistance of ChiroThin™ and under the watchful eyes of your Freedom Health Center doctor, you will experience successful weight loss and learn what calories are healthy and fat reducing.

Lose 20-35 lbs in 42 days with the ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program!

ChiroThin™ Protective Guidelines

The ChiroThin™ Program is supervised by a doctor and requires weekly doctor visits. Patients are able to ask questions and express concerns regarding their health, discuss positives and negatives about their diet, and reflect on challenges and benefits they are experiencing. Patients undergo an eight-point body measurement. This evaluation looks at their blood pressure and wight. Once patients determine their BMI (Body Mass Index), doctors provide detailed instructions  for the next week, adjusting the diet regiment as needed.

  • All participants undergo preschreening for any complicating issues, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindication. Doctors and participants discuss results as well as any concerns.
  • The ChiroThin™ Program uses a Low Glycemic Index and Anti-Inflammatory (LGAI) diet. Failure to exclusively use diet might result in failure to lose weight.
  • The ChiroThin™ Program is not a ‘protein-only’ diet. Healthy complex carbohydrates in moderation are just as important to the body as proteins. They help prevent electrolyte loss, the complications of ketosis, diuresis, refeeding edema, and improve muscular durability.
  • Participants can expect to consume twenty-four to thirty ounces of nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory and low glycemic foods a day. The program recommends special foods to pair with the ChiroThin™ droplets to enable the best weight loss results.
  • ChiroThin™ assists in suppressing craving and hunger pains, alleviate blood sugar levels, metabolize fatty acids. The overall effect will help detox the body, leaving the partaker’s body feeling uplifted and full of energy.

More Program Details

  • The ChiroThin™ Program is a six-week program, in accordance to the standards of The Dietary Guidelines for Americans for VLCDs (very low calories diets). The guidelines require: doctor supervision, dietary modifications, limited time on the VLCD, and nutritional enhancement assistance.
  • At the end of the program, the patient will start a ‘refeeding’ stage to help the patient’s body ease back into a ‘normal’ diet of LGAI foods, without illness or gaining back the weight they just lost.
  • Each patient is provided guidelines, tools and strategies by their personal Freedom Health Center Doctor, based on their BMI and overall health. This information helps the participant achieve a long-term weight loss success.

Our team of doctors are waiting to work together with you and help you find success on your weight loss goals. Together with the ChiroThin™ Program, the new life of better health is within your grasp.

Don’t miss out on the quality of life you deserve. Call the staff of Freedom Health Center now at 972-542-3300 to learn more about how to lose weight and keep it off.

Individual results may vary.
“These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food & Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.”


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