Knee Pain

Knee Pain and Inflammation Mckinney TexasKnee pain can significantly hamper your ability to go about your normal routine each day. Unfortunately, it can also be a pain that lingers for a very long time if not addressed and treated properly. There are quite a few different things that can lead to knee pain, from injuries to misuse. If you struggle with knee pain, it is very important you get it checked out. The sooner the cause of your knee pain gets diagnosed, the sooner you can start to find some type of relief.

Some of the Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

There are many different things that could lead to you suffering from knee pain. The obvious causes include some type of accident or injury. Falling down or being involved in some type of automobile accident can leave your knee hurting for quite some time. However, these are not the only types of things that can lead to pain in and right around your knee.

You may also struggle with knee pain if you have joint issues. This can come as a result of a few different ailments, such as auto-immune disorders that attack healthy joints. Other ailments can also result in painful knees, such as arthritis. Over time, this can make it to where your knee feels almost as if it is immobile. It will be painful to move around. However, the more you leave it immobilized, the quicker that feeling is going to happen, and the harder it will be to recover from.

Having excess weight on your frame can also result in painful knees. Your knees go through a lot of motions each day. Simple tasks like jogging, walking, going up and down stairs, and bending down, put your knees through their paces. If you have a bit of extra weight, this is extra pressure on those joints.

Some people also have knee pain from having parts of their body being out of alignment. Most people only attribute back and neck pain from misaligned spines or joints. However, every aspect of your body can hurt from this type of a problem. It can affect the way your shoulders, hips, knees, and even your ankles feel on a daily basis.

What to Do When Your Life is Affected by Knee Pain

Resting is a good way of managing some of your knee pain. However, you have to do it carefully. If you rest too long, you risk doing more harm than good. What you want to do is rest for the first day or two, then slowly work your way into some of your regular activities. If it hurts to walk, then sit and make sure to move your knee. Another option is swimming since that takes the extra pressure off of your knee joint.

If your knee just started to hurt, you may want to brace your knee. This can help keep the joint stable while you go about your normal routine. You can also try alternating between heat and ice on your knee. If you go back and forth between the two, it can help numb the joint up a bit and bring down the swelling. Both of these options help restore a bit of your quality of life. Just make sure you do not leave the heat or ice on too long. That could cause the knee pain to return.

Physical therapy is a great option if your pain stems from some type of accident or injury. What happens is that your therapist will teach you ways of training your body to recognize the problem and correct it. What you do is intentional exercises. These teach you how to move your joint with a specific purpose. As you move the joint, it becomes used to moving that way. Then, when you use it outside of therapy, it remembers how to move without pain, and does it on its own.

Is Surgery a Good Option for Knee Pain?

There are times where surgery is an ideal option for knee pain. This includes times where a ligament, tendon, or piece of the joint itself is broken. The only way to fix these issues is often through surgery. However, if your knee is sprained, strained, overused, or has another type of repairable injury, then you should avoid surgery if at all possible. There is no guarantee that surgery will bring about relief. Plus, it requires a lot of down time as you recover.

The same thing goes if you want to try using medications to help ease your pain. This is a risky option, and should be avoided whenever possible. You run the risk of using too many pills, which could leave your body reliant on the medication for relief. Whenever you can, you should try more natural ways of easing your knee pain first. Then, if all of those options fail, then you try medication and surgery.

What Is the Best Approach to Handling Knee Pain?

The best overall approach to helping ease knee pain is to try all of the options you can. Try using heat and ice, and resting your knee when you can. Go through and swim to help strengthen the knee, and brace it when walking around during your day. Each of these options will give you some relief. Then, find out how much relief you get from things like physical therapy and a chiropractic adjustment. Each of these options should provide additional relief from your knee pain.

Once you have a few options that bring about relief, then you should go through and combine the best ones. If you get a bit of relief from two or three options, bring them together. By combining the treatments, you get all of the relief of each of them at the same time. This could be enough to get you past the pain limiting what you can do each day, and back to being able to carry on with your normal life.

If you go through pain in your knees on a regular basis, then let us help you. Contact us here at Freedom Health Centers today by calling (972)542-3300. Let us help to diagnose and treat your knee pain, getting you back to living life.

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