Our cell phones are a true extension of our lives, placed into our palms while we look down to these mini-screen portals of connectivity. They have really enhanced our ability to communicate, work, and connect in a larger and sometimes more comprehensive way. Many of us are also noticing the collateral downfalls related to cell phone use: increased back pain, increased neck tension.

It is time to acknowledge that with ever present technology we have a responsibility to address the physical pain symptoms as a message from our bodies to take action. Living with back pain from device use is unnecessary; connect today with the talented staff at Freedom Health Centers to develop a plan that will relieve your pain through chiropractic care and create healthy habits for your body. New ways of carrying ourselves as we use cell phones means that we should also learn new ways of maintaining good health; posture and core strength.

Can We Talk about Cell Phones and Back Pain?

Whether it is moderate discomfort or significant and debilitating back pain, using your cell phone is contributing to the problem. Chiropractic care for back pain not only provides relief as you experience discomfort, but is also a preventative practice for overall good health.

Knowledgeable staff can assess your current posture and address problematic habits you could be developing. There are alarming statistics developing regarding the ergonomic impact our cell phone use is having on our back and neck. A review of screen time for the average youth or adult reveals that we are spending more and more time with our spine in a position that doesn’t support positive joint, disc, or overall spine position. This doesn’t just effect the neck and upper back; but also impacts our lower backs as well. If you are experiencing back pain it is important to remedy the symptoms at the first signs through the expert care you will receive from Freedom Health Care Centers.

Tips for Healthy Posture During Phone Use

Positioning. The biggest point of pain comes from prolonged positioning that causes muscle responses and sometimes long-term muscle memory concerns. Commonly we cradle our phones in a low position, near our belly button or waist with the tip of our nose pointed down towards the center of the device. Take a moment and release your current position, raise your head to a neutral position and straighten your spine. It will become instantly clear how much our body endures being in this shape for prolonged periods of engagement. If you hold that position, you may also recognize that your core experiences a change in it’s ability to hold you in the optimal neutral position. Your body and muscles support one another.

This isn’t exclusive to only how we are looking at our devices, but also to how we hold our devices. Generally, we hold our cell phones in our palm supported by the last two or three fingers on our hands. We also rely heavily on thumbs and index fingers for screen navigation. Elbows bend to bring the screen in closer to the body and because it feels more natural. The wrists also bend slightly upward toward our chests. An ideal positioning for holding our phones includes keeping your elbows straight to increase blood flow and limit impingement. Use one hand to support your device and your index finger on the other hand for navigation and text to limit tendon impact.

Much like the song head shoulders knees and toes, when it comes to devices it’s neck, shoulder back and elbows; back pain can result from the overall positioning we select to use when on our devices. If you experience stiffness tingling and numbness this is a sign that there is already positioning damage and likely bad habits under way.

Alleviate Back Pain with New Healthy Habits

Freedom Health Centers is one of the top chiropractic care facilities with cutting edge training for all staff and chiropractors. When your back pain specialist is up to date with the newest information regarding preventative and symptom driven practices related to cell phone use, you can rest assured knowing that the time you take at the health center will serve you well for a lifetime of spinal care. Let our team help you develop the tools and receive the physical training that can change your life. Do not walk around every day with unnecessary stiffness or tight muscles.

Take charge of your health and address your pain. This is the first step to getting back to where you want to be. Cell phones truly are changing the position that we carry our bodies. It’s becoming clear that there are unwanted physical consequences to this change in the way we communicate. Regardless of age, it is important to develop a mindset in your household that supports mindful posture, core stability, and an awareness on how to keep healthy physical habits in play keeping a happy back and happy body.

Don’t delay, call Freedom Health Centers today at 972-542-3300 to alleviate back pain and begin healthy habits.

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