There’s so much information out there about losing weight. And, for those struggling with weightloss, the amout of contradictory data is overwhelming. One question that plagues anyone trying to lose weight is: Are carbs good or bad?

The answer is simple. Carbs (or carbohydrates) are both. It just depends on which ones are being eaten.

Why Should We Eat Carbs?

All foods have carbohydrates in them—unless they’ve been artificially stripped out. However, grains and vegetables tend to have the most carbohydrates per serving, with grains being the most remembered winner. When going on a diet, grain carbs are the first thing people cut out. In fact, most diets are no or low carb diets. However, these diets are actually very unhealthy for one obvious reason. The body actually needs carbohydrates. It literally can’t function without them.

Carbohydrates are a naturally occurring nutrient made of short carbon molecular chains. The enzymes and acids in the stomach break down the carbon chains and transfers the molecules into the blood as glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar. The body then creates its own hormones, called insulin, to carry the glucose to cells throughout the body to be used as energy. Excess glucose is stored as fat cells.

To simplify, no carbohydrates equal no energy.

Not All Carbs are Created Equal

Saying that the body needs carbs to function isn’t a free pass to inhale a dozen donuts. Not by a long shot. Just like there’s a difference in a bowl of French fries and a bowl of salad (and both of these are examples of carbs!), there is a difference between carbs.

Refined Carbs are Bad Carbs

  • Refined Carbs are easy to digest and the full of basic sugars. Sounds great, right? Except easy isn’t better in eating. In fact, easy is the reason why more of Americans are obese. Basic sugars are refined sugars. They’re been processed and changed from their natural state, so they actually harm the body more than it does good. Things like corn sweetener, corn syrup, maltose, and sucrose are all examples of simple, processed sugars.

The main reason why these are bad for the body is because they’re so easy to digest. As in, they digest too fast. Carbs are turned into glucose that’s used to supply the body with energy, right? Just like a man standing under a waterfall can’t properly drink, neither can a body handle a huge dose of glucose all at once. It simply can’t convert it to energy fast enough. As a result, most of the glucose gets stored as fat cells.

  • Examples of refined carbs include:
    • Soda
    • Candy
    • White breads
    • Cookies
    • Pastries and desserts
    • Sweetened beverages, such as lemonade or iced tea
    • Energy drinks
    • Ice cream

Complex Carbs are Good Carbs for Weight Loss

  • Complex Carbs are the ‘good’ carbs. Their carbon molecular chains haven’t been stripped down, which means that they’re longer and take more time for the body to break down. Instead of a waterfall of glucose all at once, the body is fed a steady stream that it can easily transport to where the energy is needed without having excess. This way, the isn’t anytime for fat to build up because the glucose is being used as soon as it’s processed.

Because it takes longer to digest at a constant rate, there aren’t any highs and lows of hunger pains and energy.

Foods made with complex carbohydrates have more fiber, vitamins, and healthy minerals than refined carbohydrates because they haven’t been chemically stripped out. And don’t just take the words on the front of the box for truth, always read the label. By law, they can’t lie. And by law, as long as a bread is 51% whole wheat, they can market it as ‘whole wheat,’ even if the other 49% is bleached wheat. So always read the labels!

  • Examples of complex carbs are
    • Whole wheat breads, pastas, and flour
    • Brown and wild rices
    • Barley
    • Quinoa
    • Potatoes
    • Corn
    • Legumes, such as black beans, chickpeas, lentils, and others

The bottom line…

Are carbs bad? No, not really. It just depends on what kind you’re eating and how much. It also depends on your weight loss goals. If you’ve been struggling with weight loss like millions of other Americans, you may find the answer to your problems in ChiroThin. The ChiroThin weight loss program is available through a certified chiropractor and utilizes clean eating with the ‘good’ carbs. Togehter, many participants have noticed a fantastic difference in not only how much they weigh, but how they feel as well.

Our team of doctors are waiting to work together with you and help you find success on your weight loss goals. Together with the ChiroThin™ Program, the new life of better health is within your grasp.

Don’t miss out on the quality of life you deserve. Call the staff of Freedom Health Center now at 972-542-3300 for more information on this revolutionary program.

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