Many people are under the assumption that they need to pick a single lower back pain treatment option to relieve their pain. This is not the case. For most people, finding a few different treatment options and combining them together is most effective. It allows them to have the relief that each option would give, increasing their overall effectiveness. If you struggle with constant, chronic lower back pain, it may be best to see which lower back pain treatment options you have. It could be a turning point in your life.

Why Shouldn’t You Just Consider Surgery as Your Lower Back Pain Treatment?

In all fairness, surgery is one lower back pain treatment option available to you. In some circumstances, it is the ideal solution to back pain. However, not all back surgeries are able to provide extensive relief. Some actually leaves patients in more pain or with more restrictions than they started out with. For this reason, when surgery is not a necessity, we try and help patients get relief without opting for surgery.

There are many different types of treatment for lower back pain out there. It is simply a matter of working with the different options you have and seeing which would be best for you. Some options are better following injuries, while others are better when your pain stems from poor positioning. The first part of helping you rid your life of chronic back pain is to figure out what is causing your pain. Once the cause is known, you can move forward with figuring out the best treatment option for your pain.

What Other Lower Back Pain Treatment Options Are Out There?

So, if surgery is not an option, and everyone wants to avoid long-term reliance on opiates, what options do you have? There are many different options. Each of them can relieve a different type of pain and provide a different amount of relief. It simply depends on what’s wrong with your lower back, and how your back got there. Here are a few types of lower back pain treatment that are commonly used to help relieve pain.

  • Chiropractic manipulation is one of the more effective methods of lower back pain treatment. It helps put the parts of your back into proper alignment, which can reduce your pain. Plus, the more you get chiropractic manipulation, the more you can avoid pain and injury again in the future.
  • TENS therapy can provide some relief to some people. It is a unit that gets attached to the body, and you or your medical care provider holds the transmitter. It is then turned on and provides gentle stimulation to the sore area. This helps increase blood flow, healing, and oxygen going to the area. That helps you feel better, faster.
  • Simple massage is a great lower back pain treatment. While you can likely give one to yourself to some degree or ask someone close to you for help, it is best to have a professional do this. They know what to do to help, and what to avoid so that they do not increase the pain. This also ups the amount of oxygen and healing the area gets.

How Combining Lower Back Pain Treatment Options Can Benefit You

When you combine different lower back pain treatment options, you add up their potential healing. For example, if chiropractic manipulation could provide 20% relief, and a massage can bring 5%, getting both gives you both benefits, allowing you to have 25% healing. The more positive treatment options you find, the higher your healing could get. It may not all be as simple as the example, but the example does illustrate how effective blending your lower back pain treatment options can be. Not all treatment options will work the same for each patient, however. This means that one person may get 30% relief from one action, while another only gets 10% from the same treatment. It all depends on the person, their pain, and the cause of their pain.

What Lower Back Pain Treatment Options You Can Get Here at Freedom Health Centers

We offer a few different lower back pain treatment options when you turn to us here at Freedom Health Centers. In our experience, using a combination of the right treatment options is what gives people the best results. Using just one treatment option gives you some relief. However, when you combine multiple options, you get some relief from each of them. This could bring up your effective relief by 10%, 20%, or even more!

The first type of lower back pain treatment we offer is electrical stimulation. What this does is helps to repair the damaged nerves around the injured area. The stimulation helps to relax the nerves, allowing them to heal. The second type of lower back pain treatment we offer is manual manipulation to put your spine back into alignment. Many people struggle with lower back pain because something along their spine gets out of place. This can be from moving wrong, or from an injury. When we can push the misaligned parts of your back, back into place, it can quickly bring about relief.

Another type of lower back pain relief you can get with us is an experienced recommendation of support braces to use. There are many support options out there that can help. We have experience with many of them. We can tell you what we think could aid in your relief, based on our experience. Then, you can decide if any of these items would benefit your recovery.

When you want to find out what options you have for lower back pain relief, then it is time to give us a call. Here at Freedom Health Centers, we find out the cause before we move forward with treatment. Reach out to us at (972)542-3300 today and let us show you how a blended approach to lower back pain treatment may be your best option.

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