When knee pain has taken your quality of life from you, Allografts containing stem cells therapy for knees may be the perfect solution. It allows your knees to function better with less pain. This form of regenerative medicine allows you to be able to heal, and likely get back much of your former quality of life. Instead of having to decide what you can do based off of your pain, decide what you can do because you want to do it. The experts here at Freedom Health Centers know just how helpful Allografts containing stem cells for knees can be. Let us share that knowledge with you.

What Type of Therapy for Knees Do We Provide?

Here at Freedom Health Centers, we provide two distinct types of treatment. The first is called viable amniotic tissue treatment. During this treatment, the membrane of the amniotic sac is used in its purified form to add Allografts containing stem cells into the area being treated. This type of treatment is ideal for people struggling with arthritis and skin problems. After purifying the membrane, the cells are put together in specific formulas to help with your specific needs. Each group of cells has a different responsibility. Some cells reduce inflammation, others promote cartilage growth, and yet others stimulate other cells to grow. The normal portion of the cells that would trigger your immune system to detect these cells as foreign is removed. This means that your body is less likely to reject these cells than any other type of cell treatment.

The other type of treatment we provide is ambiblical tissue treatment. This is when tissue cells are removed from a previously discarded placenta that was delivered following a healthy pregnancy and birth. There are many specifications that must be met prior to cultivating any tissue. The tissue that meets those specifications is screened and purified, then assembled to use in Allografts containing stem cells. Since the placenta is responsible for creating cells a baby’s body is not yet able to create, it can also perform the same functions within an adult’s body, through stem cell research. When placenta tissue treatment is performed, the patient normally gets multiple benefits. This is because the cells will heal one area, then move on. They will then continue to heal other parts of the body for the rest of their life cycle.

Types of Problems That Are Helped with Allografts Containing Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

There are many issues that can be made better with the help of Allografts containing stem cells for knees. This can be beneficial for ailments like an injury to your meniscus, problems with your cartilage, and sports injuries. You can also aid in the healing of knee surgery for repairs to your MCL, ACL, or tendons around your knee. Chronic pain can come from a known cause, such as direct injury, or an unknown cause. Both of these ailments can be helped with the use of Allografts containing stem cells. Some joints, like the knees, can wind up in pain simply because we get older each day. Aging joints are typically very responsive to Allografts containing stem cells for knees and other joints.

How Allografts Containing Stem Cells Help Regenerate Tissue

Stem cells bring new cells into the body. These cells are something the body does remember, but it takes time. Each person had these types of cells in their body while in the womb. These were the cells that created each cell we now have in our body. As these cells move around the body, they begin to help regenerate damaged parts of the body. This can work to relieve pain and swelling, and actually regenerate tissues. The tissues that can be affected include tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.

The procedure is safe and non-invasive, yet provides a wealth of pain relief. Many people go from struggling to maintain their daily routine, to having a very high quality of life after the procedure. These cells decrease inflammation, decrease how long it takes for the soft tissues to repair, and increase your mobility. Stem cells have the ability to help repair the body on a cellular level. It just takes time for your body to recover and regenerate following Allografts containing stem cells.

Our Experts Will Pair the Right Allografts Containing Stem Cell Therapy for Knees with Your Specific Ailments

It is important that you get the right type of treatment when you want to regain your quality of life. Once you get your treatment, you will slowly begin to notice the effects. It will not be an instant fix, but Allografts containing stem cells for knees is a great form of regenerative medicine that can bring you quite a few major benefits. From being able to go about your daily routine with ease, to having increased mobility and flexibility, you can feel better when you get stem cell treatments. This is especially true when you have experienced professionals perform the treatments on you, who know which procedure will work best.

Instead of opting for traditional knee surgery for all knee pain, consider the benefits of having Allografts containing stem cells for knees instead. It can help a lot of people experience far less pain. Knee pain does not need to derail your life. It can be overcome, and you can feel better. Regenerative medicine allows your joints to heal without invasive procedures. Save yourself the down time and money of surgeries, and still get amazing results. Stop living as a slave to your pain, and let us help you begin feeling better right away. You will notice the effects in a short time, and they will continue to improve as time goes on. Start living your life again. Your life will be glad you did!

If you are interested in learning more about regenerative medicine, give the experts here at Freedom Health Centers a call today. Just dial (972)542-3300 and we will schedule a time to be able to discuss the benefits of Allografts containing stem cells for knees with you!

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