There are numerous pain triggers that everyone should be aware of. The more of these pain triggers that you can avoid, the less pain you will face. Day in and day out, your pain has the potential to rule your life. If your pain is too intense, it is difficult to go about your daily tasks. Find out which of these pain triggers may be a part of your life, and how to avoid them. By taking steps to learn what they are now, you can avoid them dictating what goes on in your life.

Stress is One of the Biggest Pain Triggers

Stress puts a lot of pressure on your body. It can leave you feeling more anxious about everything, and can increase your blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, this can increase the pain you already feel. Plus, when your body is stressed out, it can actually trigger you to feel more pain. When you notice that you are starting to get stressed, take a few deep breaths. Try meditating for a few minutes, and get a little bit of fresh air. The extra oxygen can help your body relax, and it can decrease how much pain you are in at that moment.

Weather Changes Can Trigger Pain, Too

A lot of people believe that pain that comes with the weather is all in the person’s head. However, it is not accurate. There is scientific research to back up the fact that weather impacts how people feel. Rises and drops in barometric pressure can impact how a joint feels. Plus, cold weather tends to make joints stiffer than warm weather. When a cold snap comes through, it can make old injuries flare up, causing you trouble moving around. The best thing to do to avoid these pain triggers is only going out on bad days when absolutely necessary. If you can stay home when a snow storm comes in, do it and avoid the pain.

Exhaustion is a Common Trigger of Pain

When you do not get enough sleep, your entire body gets run down. This means that you have to work harder to get things done. Something simple, like keeping up with your immune system, is difficult when you constantly do not get enough sleep. In order to avoid the pain that can come along with a lack of sleep, make sure you keep a regular nighttime routine. This means going to bed at the same time each night, with the same activities beforehand. That way, your body understands that it is time for bed, and you quickly fall asleep.

An Unhealthy Diet Triggers Pain

The things you consume can also be pain triggers. Some foods, like red meats, processed foods, and dairy, can all trigger inflammation. This means that your joints can become quite painful. Simple things like moving around can be tiresome due to how much your body aches. If you take the time to eat a healthy diet, much of your inflammation could go down. Fill your diet with healthy foods, such as nuts and grains, plus plenty of fresh produce. The more fresh produce you consume, the healthier your body will remain. Plus, the less inflammation you are likely to struggle with.

Moving Too Little Can Also Trigger Pain

Being complacent can trigger pain in many people. The less you move, the less your body stays used to moving. This can cause your joints to get sore, and make moving even more difficult. It is a cycle that can be difficult to break. If you want to avoid the pain triggers that come with complacency, then get up and get moving. The more you move, the less you will hurt. It may be difficult to get started, but once you get started, all movements get easier.

Thinking About Your Pain Can Trigger It to Get Worse

There is a phenomenon called catastrophic thinking. It is when you begin to hurt, but automatically think the worst about your pain. This, in turn, makes your pain worse. These types of pain triggers must be handled by changing how you react to your daily pain. This can be done through actively changing your thoughts, or even therapy. If you start having pain in your toes, do not automatically think that there must be something so wrong with your whole foot that it needs to be surgically removed. Instead, think that your toes are sore today, but will feel better after a few hours of rest.

Depression Can Trigger Pain

Another one of the more common pain triggers is depression. When you are down about yourself or your life, everything becomes worse. Even minor bits of pain can become progressively worse, simply because you are depressed. You need to get help for depression. If left untreated, it not only will increase your pain, but it can also lead to other health issues. Going in to get checked out by a medical professional can help you avoid this pain trigger. They can run some test and see if you struggle from depression, or if the issue lies elsewhere. If you do struggle with depression, then it is important that you get on the right medication, or get into the right kind of therapy, to get relief.

One of the More Overlooked Pain Triggers is Actually Pain Relievers

Some people get a condition known as hyperalgesia. This is when your body actually increases its sensitivity to all types of pain. This can cause you to feel more pain, and to even notice pain where you may not have had any in the past. If you want to avoid this trigger, you need to keep yourself from using too many pain relievers, whenever possible. Natural remedies, such as chiropractic alignment and physical therapy, are much better options for chronic pain.

If you want to find out more about how you can go through and feel better, contact us here at Freedom Health Centers. Call us at (972)542-3300 today. Let us help you determine your pain triggers and how to avoid them taking over your life!

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